A Weekend Vacation with an Entrepreneur, #myAutoshare and a lot of Cheerleaders

Being an entrepreneur means working long hours, all through the night and focusing on goals, goals, goals – sometimes, you need a weekend vacation.

Weekend Vacation with #myAutoshare, Niagara Falls

We decided to go to Niagara Falls and finally use this GroupOn I’d purchased in 2011 (yes, you read correctly) for a hotel right near the walking strip, coupled with the kick-off of Spring road-trips with #myAutoshare. There were still a few days off to enjoy the absolutely freezing weather of early-April; where Niagara Falls is coming to the end of the Winter off-season, but Summer hasn’t quite started.

We don’t have children, so I kind of felt left out.

We spent our entire dinner on Friday going through pamphlets, finding coupons (that are all the same that all offer about $1 off everything) and deciding between attractions. We were perfect tourists.

We discovered, while still deemed the “honeymoon capital of the world”, Niagara is still very much a place for young families.

After much debate – and Googl-ing, B and I couldn’t decide IF Niagara Falls was, in fact, still this Honeymoon capital – because we didn’t understand how. All we saw were kids, kids and more kids, cheerleaders attending a competition, hockey tournament participants and bachelorette parties so where did we fit in? It totally didn’t matter.

Instead of checking out the strip clubs, we acted like kids instead!

Weekend Vacation with #myAutoshare, Niagara Falls

Weekend Vacation with #myAutoshare, Niagara Falls MiniGolf
Out of season to see the volcano erupt. Darn.

Weekend Vacation with #myAutoshare, Niagara Falls BirdKingdom

Cue: Dinosaur MiniGolf, Bird Kingdom, Arcade (with booze) and sugary Maple Syrup factories where no parent could tell us we had too much! It was actually pretty fun. Tons of walking, tons of wine-drinking, hiking – what more could we ask for on this planned-yet-impromptu trip?

Unfortunately, we left on the hottest day.

But our mission was complete. Vacation. Rest. Sleep in without a meowing, needy cat wanting to be fed at 6:15 AM. No computers were brought, not even a book. Just us. Walking, enjoying the sunlight on our faces, relaxing.

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