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When there’s not enough balance.


Creating balance is something I am always trying to achieve (and it’s a big part of this blog) and here I am – with no balance in my life right now. It’s literally been work, work, work. Honestly, it’s almost as if I’ve become addicted.

There are benefits of working from home, truly.

I walk for 10 seconds down the hall and BAM, ready to go, coffee mug in hand, birds chirping outside my window and ready to start the day. It’s been eight weeks and things are flowing nicely. I’m able to put in more hours, devote more time, take on more projects.

Then, my body broke down.

It all caught up to me. It’s pissed off. It’s not been able to really appreciate the summer weather, the proximity to outside, the freedom (I mean, I could work outside most days). I’ve been designing, consulting and then developing. Developing, designing, networking. I didn’t think I was doing much damage (other than my social life) but alas, I have.

Too much sitting, concentrating, bustling has made my back ache like I’m 92. Seriously.

And I’m thinking why on earth am I doing this to myself? I have worked and worked and worked before, and know that there is no enlightenment through work by killing yourself all the time. But I feel this pressure to be at a certain place in my business, in my life, and this pressure comes from nobody other than myself. I don’t know how to change it, restructure it, accept it.

There is no try, just do.

I’ve said this to myself numerous times. I’ve said it about a lot of different things in my life, but for some reason, when all you’re battling in your subconscious are your own negative thoughts, doing versus trying becomes a bit more difficult.

So now, my back is fighting back.

It’s forcing me to sit upright, in a chair that doesn’t allow my to sit cross legged. To get out of the office. I’m really excited this week to see a friend of mine from my university days, she’s coming over for breakfast/brunch as she’s visiting from the States this week. And then Wednesday – I’m taking the day off. That’s right: I’m taking the day off. I will, of course, pretend it’s not because I have a doctor’s appointment that will force me to take the day off – but regardless – it’s happening so it’s counts.

Sunday nights are always very reflective

This Sunday, I’ve really come to the realization that I may have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with my work right now, and it’s literally killing me, despite the fact that I love the work I’m doing, producing and the people I’m so very fortunate to work with. On Sundays, I plan my week, what I’m going to do, figure out, complete. This week, I’m super happy to report I’ll be completing one website project and creating balance once again in my life. I don’t exactly know how – but I’m doing it.

Stay tuned.

the hum.

Lately, one of my favourite things to do in the morning is lay out on my sofa, with my morning breakfast smoothie (ah, jaw meals), a cup of coffee and my iPad to read the latest magazines I’ve gotten downloaded (thank you, NextIssue). I’ll sit here while B gets ready for work and I just…