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Benefits of Lavender Oil (more than just a good night’s sleep!)

Lavender Hanging in My Bedroom

Lavender: Oh, so relaxing, and more.

A few Sundays ago, I learned about the benefits of lavender oil when I stumbled upon a small but large Lavender Farm called Terra Lavanda in Lincoln, Ontario. I didn’t even know lavender farms existed in Ontario (nor that we have a country called Lincoln). I was definitely happy to experience the process of how the different forms of lavender are planted (there are over 30 forms of lavender). I don’t know if it was the aroma in the air or what, but walking around this place was so relaxing (oh, the cliches) and peaceful.

Lavender Fields at Terra Lavanda

With business booming, I haven’t really had many weekends off, much less taken mini road trips and experienced anything this summer, so this was such a wonderful surprise. As I spoke with the owners about the lavender process, their business’ history, and the crop losses their young farm has experienced due to winter weather (only certain types of lavender can grow in our climate) I was so inspired. They are working towards expanding their offerings to the public (including parties at dusk for the public and rentals for weddings) which I think will be so amazing once they get it going as the place was HUGE and beautiful.

I feel like more and more, I’m finding small businesses and entrepreneurs and generally people just doing their thing and loving it. It’s extremely humbling and gratifying to be reminded that I’m not alone (obviously). The most grounding thing about these businesses is that the owners are just looking for their thing that makes them happy (in addition to family and friends) because there always has to be something else, or else there might always feel like there’s something missing.

Lavender Fields at Terra Lavanda

Can you imagine this being your backyard? I definitely could. Excuse me while I take a break from my computer screen and go pick a lavender weed for a few moments.

Clearly, there are organic benefits to having lavender near you which are identified here and here (to name a few) but I’ve also heard that certain scents and aromas can trigger a flood of memories. For me, with lavender, it brings me back to this field, the inspiration and calmness that I felt that afternoon. It also brings me back to the Royal Winter Fair where I went with my mum and sister one year and bought a little pack of lavender that I still have (and totally smells up my lingerie drawer with loveliness).

My Lavender Oil at Home

Now, when I spray myself with this “lavender mist oil” I bought from Terra Lavanda when I get out of the shower I walk around my house and feel so relaxed, yet ready to take on the day. I love it. I love it so much that I sound like I’ve been paid to talk about it, but I totally haven’t. I just love it. I would have loved if they had candles, but it’s one of the things they’re working on in the future that I can’t wait for.

Hey, maybe one day, I’ll be back to have my “garden themed wedding” among the fields. I’ll get right on that. 😉

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