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a delicious monday …

It started off with a lovely pancake breakfast, followed by a simple lunch, some leftovers for dinner and then a special homemade apple pie treat!  I’m kind of loving having to track everything I eat financially (this ‘love’ probably won’t last long) but right now, it’s making me so aware of what I’m eating – and I actually feel a bit healthier while doing so – even with the apple pie treats.

BREAKFAST: Pancakes with fresh cut strawberries, maple syrup and orange slices
– Pancake Mix*                          62¢
– Fresh Cut Strawberries          75¢
– ½ Orange                                 25 ¢
– Maple Syrup*                           16¢
– Coffee*                                       5¢

PREP TIME:   13 minutes

For lunch I munched on a fantastic Prosciutto and Swiss Cheese sandwich, with Rye Bread. Side “dish” was a Clover Leaf Garlic and Hot Pepper flavoured tuna can. Finished off with a Granny Smith Apple later on.  Total Cost: $4.61  This cost would have probably been less if I’d gone for a less expensive meat, however, Prosciutto is my absolute favourite cured meat, so sometimes, financial sacrifices must be made.  This meal took me less than five minutes to put together the night before.

Dinner was already heated when I arrived home, which was fantastic as I was pretty much starving by the time I got there. Taking into account yesterday’s dinner, adding salad, the new TOTAL COST: $6.73 with a preparation time of seven minutes.

I had decided to make a little treat for the rest of the week and got my hands dirty making an Apple Pie with Fiji apples.

I’d imagine we’d get about 8 pieces from the pie, rounding it at about 84 ¢ per slice. No tip!

Adding a bit of French Vanilla Ice Cream, a fresh strawberry to top it up, and I had myself a gourmet dessert fresh from the kitchen of Farrace. It felt great and delicious to eat. Knowing it cost so little made each piece that much sweeter.

I’ve been getting a lot of feedback on this little challenge series. From trying out new fresh markets around the city to organic articles and helpful hints and myths. This is a great preliminary test for a basis on money spent throughout the week. As we progress, it’ll be interesting to see what myths, tips and hints actually work and what can stand to be altered.

Anything to save a dime, eh?


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