living out of a box

I feel like I’ve been moving for a year.   My house is an array of boxes, strewn notebooks and just crap – everywhere. I’m in the process of moving, building a business, backing away from another business and all in all … just exploded in my living room.

One thing’s for sure – my cat is definitely happy. It’s like he’s hit kitty heaven – he’s never had so much to play with his entire life. Box here, there – like I said, everywhere.

With my sister’s impending wedding (and a speech I’m close to even starting) it seems like time is flying, and there’s so much to do and no matter what I cross off the to-do list, there is another item flying back on.

But it all feels exciting, like I’m finally getting used to my 30 year old self and extremely enjoying myself. Enjoying my life, my partner, my family and friends.

I’m enjoying being inspired. Somehow, within all this planning, all this to-do listing, I’ve been able to be inspired in the middle of it and that’s all that matters. So I’m going with it.

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When there’s not enough balance.

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