One productive day in the life of an entrepreneur.

reallyanartistMy productive day started at an impromptu women’s entrepreneur mastermind group where I was one of the newbies, feeling lost and looking for a place to connect with other women entrepreneurs. Sorry, more like, other entrepreneurs. People who own businesses. People who understand.

Here was the formula of the meeting: Elevator pitch, win of the week, challenge you’re facing.

Here’s what happened: Elevator pitch: longer version of “Brand + Website Designer”.  Win of the week: Finally finished my opt-in for my newsletter. Challenge: End up fighting back tears while explaining this situation of everyone thinking I’m too busy and can’t take on more work therefore don’t call me to work with them when reality is, I totally have space for new clients.  Realize how frustrating it is to feel this helpless. Conclusion: This is the life of an entrepreneur. You chose this. You love this.. Shrug shoulders, move on.

Noon comes along and I’m almost late for a meeting I have with another fellow woman entrepreneur; she’s interviewing me for an article she’s writing for an entrepreneur society we’re a part of.

Enter imposter syndrome taking full force.

I push it away and answer questions as far away from Negative Nancy as possible and somehow it’s okay. Turns out to be quite inspiring. And thank God for that, because my day ends off with a meeting with a friend I’ve turned into a client by encouraging her to go after her dreams and prepare for the life of an entrepreneur as she’s graduating school and will become a Naturopathic doctor. Doctor, yes, but an entrepreneur nonetheless.

I pull it out of her: her ideal customer; her brand vision; her offerings. In sixty minutes I can see her eyes light up a little more when she’s talking about the possibilities and opportunities about the impact of what she does with people in this world. To people she’s going to be able to help.

And then she says the thing that makes my day. She says the thing that reminds me of why I love doing this. She says: This was the most productive hour I’ve ever had. I feel like I can do this, it’s real.

And I smile. No, my heart smiles (it’s totally a thing) and I feel good. Just like that, just for that moment, nothing else mattered.


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